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Friday, 5 March 2010

Mickey is Lost ="(

Mickey is a male syrian hamster dat belong to my SIL a.k.a sis-in-law..he is very friendly,manja & ofcozlh cute ^_^
Diz morning after Lieta antar my eldest doter to skool,tkajut Lieta coz my SIL awal bngun today ( biasanya ea ane f blum tnghri,blum g bngun tue +_+ ) & cam search sumthing den huby Lieta pn tanyalh ea bhapa,ea jawab 'c Mickey ilang'... Weird eyh,cna plg bleh ea ilang??kurungannya tu tinggi,how cn 'he' climb to da top??? (FYI we hav placed him inside a huge & high box) so kmi search around our house,smua bilik dcari but semua hampa huhu ~

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Here is Mickey pix ^_^

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